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1) Search Clients in International Market.

We search for clients in an international market through our wide network. Our Clients could be a manufacturer and/or a purchaser, we deal with both parties.

2) Make sure deals in Healthy manner.

We make deals in healthy manner and we pay a role of a bridge / middle man between both parties.

3) Make sure deliveries on time.

After the necessary requirements/agreements between both parties we pay a very important role to make sure delivery is on time.

4) Quality and Quantity

We make sure and follow up with manufacturer in order to make sure that both quality and quantity are up to the standard as per requirement.

5) Check and Balance

We check and balance all kind of liabilities and issues regarding the trade such as Trade exhibition , trade Fairs, Banks , Social restrictions/pressures, Local government related issues, Carriages and other payments related activities.

6) Import & export related Activities

We check Import-export related activity, monitor shipment status on borders/ forwarders make sure delivery is on time and going to the correct destination without any jumble.

7) Product designs

We keep your product record, product design and prototype safely in our record for future use.